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The Bug Genie
Started out as a bug-tracking package for a popular Linux distribution in 2001-2002, headed up by lead developer Daniel André Eikeland. After launch, instead of keeping it in-house, the system was launched as a standalone open source project in late 2002.

The Bug Genie has always focused on making the bug-tracking and reporting experience easier and friendlier for techies and non-techies alike, back when bug-tracking was done in spreadsheets and unstyled bugzilla installations.

Now at version 4, The Bug Genie continues to power small and big development teams all over the world, with several thousand active installations.

Zegenie Studios

Located in the Norwegian Oslo-area, zegenie studios is an internet software and services company created to provide professional hosting and support services for the bug genie, as well as financial support for ongoing development.

We're all strong believers in open source and free software, and continue to contribute back to the open source community at large and specific projects including The Bug Genie.
Header photo by Tommy Gildseth (Own work) CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
The Bug Genie is open source software and is distributed under an Open Source Initiative approved license.
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The Bug Genie - friendly issue tracking and project management since 2002