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How do I purchase and schedule a training session?

To sign up for any available training course, you must first buy training vouchers. You can buy as many training vouchers as you like, and spend them on training sessions when it fits your schedule.

To sign up for a training session, make sure you have available training vouchers, then go to the training overview page to find a date and time that best fits your schedule.

Once you have found a training session that you would like to sign up for, click the green "Sign up" button. You will be presented with a simple form to fill out your name and a confirmation email address where the course details will be sent. You can choose to register other people for training sessions, as well, just fill out the name of whoever is attending the course.

When you click "Sign up", your training voucher is used. If you only purchased one single training voucher, you will have to buy another one to sign up for more courses.

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