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As soon as you have created an issue, you can update any of its details by pausing your mouse over the field you want to update, then click the "Edit / change" link that appears. img

The issue type field


The "Change" link in the issue type field

For text fields such as the description or reproduction steps, the "Change" icon is displayed next to the title img

The "Change" link visible next to the "Description" field, not visible next to "Steps to reproduce"

Whenever you have made any changes, fields with pending changes will be highlighted in yellow, and a "Save changes" action bar will be displayed at the top. img

Pending changes and "Save changes" button visible.

You can move away from the page without saving, but the changes won't be saved unless you click the "Save changes" button inside the issue. If you change issue details and navigate around The Bug Genie, any issues with pending changes will be highlighted in yellow. img

Issue with pending changes in issue list.

You can click the issue and select "Save changes" to save your changes.

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