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The Bug Genie 4.2.0 release notes

All you need to know about the new version
New features / major improvements
  • Significantly improved and simplified permission model with permission inheritance
  • Support for parsing and automatically detecting todo-items from issues
  • Brand new project-focused frontpage
  • Introduced project templates to set up projects with default settings for different usecases
  • Improved onboarding for new users
  • Improved team and client dashboards
  • Added support for Github login
  • Added support for Google login
  • Added support for integration with Slack
  • Unified and updated theme and layout
  • Support for PHP 7.2
Fixes and changes
  • More reliable mail notifications, with better and more readable formatting
  • Improvements to searching for related issues
  • Changed from server-side rendered code highlighter to js-powered highlighter
  • More details are shown in the issue log
  • Missing wiki articles now highlighted when linked to
  • Comments in issues can now be sorted in reverse order

As a community-driven project, we are always happy to receive bugfixes and improvements via Github pull requests. Please fork us and make The Bug Genie better!

Luckily, the list of fixes and changes contributed via Github is way too long to print out here. Please check out the commit log for a detailed list of changes that went into this release.

Upgrade notes

You can upgrade to version 4.2.0 from version 4.1.0 or version 4.0.1. See the upgrade instructions for details.

Users on our hosted platform are already updated to this version. No manual action is necessary for hosted users to upgrade to this release.
More details about upgrading to this release can be found in the FAQ.

Get it now!

The Bug Genie 4.2.0 can be downloaded from our download page.

If you want to upgrade your existing installation, please read through the UPGRADE file included in the release for information on how to upgrade your existing installation.

For more installation and upgrade instructions, please refer to the FAQ

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