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The Bug Genie 4.3.0 release notes

All you need to know about the new version
18th February, 2019

The release today marks another step in our continued commitment to releasing the best open source project management, issue tracking and incident handling system available. Version 4.3.0 focuses on the most important and most voted for issues reported in our issue tracker.

In addition to what you can see after upgrading, a lot of work has been done to prepare for an upcoming improvement of the source code integration. The new commenting features are the first visible result of this work, and more will come in the next release(s).

Most valued contributor

This release's most valued contributor is Felicia Hummels

As a community-driven project, we rely on bug-fixes and improvements via Github pull requests. Please fork us and commit your fixes and improvements back as pull requests to make The Bug Genie better!

New features / major improvements
  • Refactored comment display, added support for comment threading
  • New icons for all issue types
  • Priority and severity fields are now styled according to their importance
  • Increased minimum required PHP version to 7.1
  • Switched from fontawesome v4 to v5
  • Upgraded b2db to version 3
  • Add support for inputting a valid subscription license key
Fixes and changes
  • Issue history and log presentation has been updated to be more readable
  • The automated "open issues" and "closed issues" now only show bug report issue types
  • Switched markdown renderer to improve markdown compliance
  • Add support for HTTP_X_FORWARDED_PROTO
  • Several fixes to improve todo handling
  • Improve detection and handling of incoming mail
  • Fixed some permissions that were incorrectly labelled
  • Added a footer warning when running a development version
For a more detailed list of changes that went into this release, please check out the commit log.

As a community-driven project, we are always happy to receive bugfixes and improvements via Github pull requests. Please fork us and make The Bug Genie better!

Upgrade notes

Any 4.x version can be updated to 4.3.0.

Please read through the UPGRADE file included in the release for information on how to upgrade an existing installation.

Users on our hosted platform are already updated to this version. No manual action is necessary for hosted users to upgrade to this release.

For more installation and upgrade instructions, please refer to the FAQ

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