A Comprehensive Guide to Rally Software for Agile DevOps Planning

Are you looking for a powerful tool for Agile DevOps planning and tracking? Look no further than Rally Software. This innovative software, which has its headquarters in the Greater Denver Area, specifically Boulder, Colorado, has been making waves in the consulting, enterprise software, and training industries since its inception in 2001.

Rally Software isn’t just a one-trick pony. It’s a platform that has evolved and adapted over the years. Initially developed as the Rally agile software development ALM platform, it was later acquired by CA Technologies and rebranded as CA Agile Central. But the story doesn’t end there. After CA’s acquisition by Broadcom, the software was once again rebranded, returning to its roots as Rally.

What is Rally Software?

What is Rally Software?

Rally Software, a tool extensively used for managing work performance, is the heart of Agile DevOps planning and tracking. Rally Software tool is a cloud-based platform, initially created as “Rally Agile Software Development ALM platform” and later taken over by CA Technologies to be rebranded as “CA Agile Central.” However, after CA’s acquisition by Broadcom, the software reclaimed its original identity as Rally Software.


Rally Software is more than just project management software; it’s packed with various industry-aligned features to facilitate comprehensive team collaboration, efficient time and capacity planning, and insightful tracking and reporting. Here’s a breakdown of the tool’s most significant features.

1. Real-Time Status Tracking

With Rally, you can track the real-time status of every project stage or workflow step. At any given moment, you’ll know exactly where a task is in the pipeline.

2. Iteration & Release Planning

Rally’s software allows for precise iteration planning and release timelines, helping your teams set realistic expectations without any guesswork.

3. Customizable Dashboards

Rally encourages individuality with customizable dashboards, allowing each team member to tailor the interface to their preference. You can control what information is displayed for immediate and easy access.

4. Capacity Planning

Effective resource management is a snap with Rally’s capacity planning feature. It helps ensure that your team’s workload is properly balanced, and resources are evenly distributed.

5. Scalable Platform

There’s no need to worry about growing pains; Rally’s scalable platform means it can accommodate your company’s needs, no matter the size. You’ll find it valuable, whether you’re part of a small startup or a Fortune 100 enterprise.

6. Risk Management

Rally keeps risks visible throughout the project execution phase with its risk dashboard. This proactive feature helps your team spot potential roadblocks and navigate them skillfully.

7. Reporting & Metrics

The tool’s robust reporting and metrics capability will give you deep insights into your team’s work patterns and productivity levels. It includes everything from burndown charts to portfolio item type associations.

8. Simple for Teams

Most importantly, Rally is user-friendly. Your team can focus on delivering quality work instead of struggling with a complex tool, a feature that’s especially appreciated by those new to Agile DevOps workflows.

Key Benefits of Rally Softwares

What is Rally Software used for? Well, the answer lies in its overwhelming benefits, through fostering a robust, agile environment. Let’s check all its key benefits:

  • Rally provides your teams with a platform to increase productivity
  • It enhance project quality, and meet timelines and customer expectations. 
  • It significantly simplifies team coordination and communication
  • Promotes transparency, & seamless processes. 
  • The most striking advantage of Rally may be its customizable interface
  • It permits a comprehensive view of projects and promotes better decision-making.

Why Choose Rally Software?

Why Choose Rally Software?

As we navigate through the numerous project management tools, let’s ponder what is Rally Software used for? A whole lot. It’s not just another asset in the vast toolkit of Agile project management software. It encompasses many user-friendly features that facilitate Agile DevOps planning and tracking. Here’s why it stands out:

Rally Software Collects Data

Every effective project management process is built on the foundation of insightful data and Rally Software has mastered this. It collects information enabling your team to learn from the past, modify their workflows, and optimize their future performance.

One notable feature is its Portfolio Items Cycle Time. This provides historical information, which teams can then utilize to produce more accurate project estimates.

Rally Software Enhances Efficiency

When it’s about project tracking, what is better than a tool that provides complete visibility of each phase of your project? Rally Software’s Agile flow metrics allow you a peek into your team’s efficiency and deliverability predictability. It also includes the well drafted charts for flow velocity, throughput, load, and time, among others.

In essence, the Rally Software tool equips you with the requisite data to make process improvements that are exact and efficient.

Rally Software is User-Friendly and Suitable for all Team Sizes

Whether you’re part of a small team tackling a handful of projects or managing even larger teams, Rally got your back. It’s purposely built to be user-friendly. Be it story planning, project estimation, or visualizing project trajectory through reports, Rally Software smoothens your agile project management journey. In fact, it even offers a free version for up to 10 users handling five projects.


Rally Software can revolutionize your Agile DevOps planning and tracking. It’s not just a tool but a comprehensive solution that optimizes workflows and aids in strategic decision-making. Whether it’s improving visibility with Agile flow metrics or enhancing performance with features like Portfolio Items Cycle Time, Rally Software has got you covered. Plus, its user-friendly nature and free version for small teams make it a must-have for businesses of all sizes. With Rally Software, you’re not just planning and tracking projects, you’re paving the way for seamless, efficient, and future-focused operations. Give it a try and see the difference it can make in your projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Rally Software?

Rally Software is a cloud-based platform designed for Agile DevOps planning and tracking. This tool offers detailed data analysis, workflow optimization, and performance enhancement. Its user-friendly features cater to teams of all sizes – aiding project estimation, planning, and visualization steps.

Q2: Is Rally Software a good tool?

Yes, Rally Software is a highly effective tool for Agile DevOps planning and tracking. It offers quick and comprehensive visibility of project progress, allowing efficient task management and prioritization.

Q3: Who are the typical users of Rally Software?

Rally Software is primarily used across a range of industries, such as Cloud Services, Digital Transformation, and Data Analytics. It’s a useful project collaboration tool for both small and large teams.

Q4: Does Rally Software offer any testing tools?

Yes, Rally Software provides effective tracking tools necessary for keeping test results in sync with the software development lifecycle. It supports automated software testing.

Q5: Does Rally Software provide a Kanban board?

Rally Software does offer the function of a Kanban board. Updating cards on the Kanban board helps to keep Kanban and Schedule states synchronized, which is vital for effective collaboration among Scrum and Kanban teams.

Q6: Who owns Rally Software?

As of now, the text does not provide information about the ownership of Rally Software. Please refer to the official website or the latest news updates for this information.